Areas of Business

What we do

With an entrepreneurial approach BWPA provides and delivers a wide range of business development activities, structured transactions, advisory and project management services in the areas of corporate finance, asset management, restructuring and capital markets. Previous industry focus and experiences include media & entertainment, infrastructure, telecommunications, longevity & insurance, private equity, real estate, financial services and capital-raising.

Corporate Finance

In the area of corporate finance we collaborate with private equity and corporate clients to evaluate key value drivers and risk factors associated with potential targets, enabling them to:

  • Gain an understanding of significant
  • patterns in the target business’ historical performance
  • Evaluate the quality and sustainability of the target business’ reported earnings and free cash flow
  • Analyze the quality of net assets being acquired
  • Understand historical working capital patterns and identify opportunities to mitigate working capital levels after closing
  • Assess the achievability of the target business’ financial forecasts
  • Address key tax and financial reporting risks in purchase agreement negotiations
  • Evaluate post-closing purchase price adjustments
  • Consider the effects of purchase accounting and valuation requirements in post-transaction financial models for recently acquired businesses

Based on the above spectrum of instruments BWPA can leverage a successful track record and in depth experience with private equity and corporate finance transactions (Please see Selected Transactions).

Transaction Services

BWPA’s transaction services enable partners to maximize value throughout the transaction process. We apply the same framework to buyers and sellers allowing them to identify and address potential areas of concern prior to the due diligence process. We evaluate quality of revenues, earnings and net assets, working capital requirements and financial projections to help position our clients for the due diligence process and minimize surprises at the negotiating table. In addition, we draw on our expertise in M&A advisory to accompany clients through the deal structuring, negotiation and closing process.

Capital Markets

BWPA provides capital-raising activities for a wide variety of institutional to privately clients, entrepreneurially run, mid-sized companies, always with the goal of creating an optimal capital structure for every client we serve. In a capital markets environment that is rapidly changing and increasingly complex, it is critical to have a trusted advisor with the experience and proven ability to engineer a financing solution.

We have extensive experience in loans structures, mezzanine financing, high-yield debt, IPOs, convertibles and liability management transactions. BWPA maintains a wide breadth of investor relationships including senior lenders, traditional asset managers, hedge funds, private mezzanine funds and private equity investors.

In addition, BWPA delivers world-class capital markets capabilities, focused on high-yield underwriting and a variety of equity products and liability management services.

Restructuring & Distressed Assets

In a quickly changing and evolving capital market environment operating performance and cash flows can easily decline. In many cases this will lead to significant liquidity constraints with limited access to new capital. In a distressed situation business owners and debtors face a myriad of challenges, conflicts between the various constituents that hold competing claims or interests and ultimately to a loss of key management.

Notwithstanding, these difficulties operational order can be restored and future value sustained. BWPA can contribute to this process from experience and expertise. Our services include the following:

  • Out-of-court transactions
  • Restructuring existing debt and equity
  • Chapter 11 planning through confirmation
  • Representing buyers and sellers of distressed companies, divisions and assets
  • Bulk sales of assets
  • Sales of performing and nonperforming loans
  • Business and securities valuation
  • Structuring, negotiation and confirmation of plans of reorganization
  • Structuring and analysis of exchange offers
  • Corporate viability assessment
  • Litigation support and expert testimony
  • Procuring DIP financing
  • Prepackaged and pre-negotiated plans of reorganization
  • Stretched payables

»Understand historical working capital patterns and identify opportunities to mitigate working capital levels after closing«